Would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the vesta team regarding our stay, congratulating the quick responses and effective help.
In particular prominence to Ms. Charlotte Wing and the contractor Mr Vitor.
we choose to express our appreciation due to their exquisite attitude towards problem solving, while we have already expressed our thoughts to them we would like their tireless efforts to respond promptly to problems at the house and provide the highest standard of services to be known by their superiors and other team members.
We are deeply grateful.
Happy Tenants
I've stayed at an apartment managed by Vesta Properties for over a year and a half and they have been most responsive and helpful. This was especially true under the COVID pandemic situation when we had issues with the building management, and Vesta took special care to ensure I was put up in a hotel for the interim. Very supportive team and an overall lovely experience!
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We rented a property from Vesta for two years. The first thing to say about them is very "friendly staff"! Very smooth and efficient process for making tenancy contract and the renewal. Prompt in response to our enquiries.

I'm very impressed at the service and would highly recommend!
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It was my first time away from my parents when i went to coventry university so as you can imagine i was very nervous, i had never rented or lived on my own. Vesta helped me get through this and they ensure i was always ok and they would make sure if there was anything that needed doing it was done within the day if it was a matter of urgency. They made me feel comfortable in coventry without my family ans they were always willing to talk.

Thankyou everyone at Vesta :)x
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Very efficient and knowledgeable Estate agent based in the city centre. The staff are very friendly. It is unusual to find companies that will go that extra mile these days. Would highly recommend.
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We leased a property in central Coventry sight unseen for our son who was preparing to attend Coventry University. Arrangements were initially made over the phone based on Charlotte and Catherine's promise that the property was ideal given its condition and location and as such we paid our rental deposit to secure the property. When we arrived two months later we found the property to be exactly what was promised - it was well presented and very convenient to the University. From that point onwards Vesta Properties were easy to deal with and handled the minor issues that arose during our sons tenancy quickly and professionally. I would certainly recommend using them - whether your are a prospective tenant or landlord.
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Great staff. Always helpful and cheerful. Always resolve any problems quickly.
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I am a Landlord in Coventry and I have been a client with Vesta Properties since they first opened. I have tried several other agents in the area but their service was always below the expected standard. Vesta are excellent as a team. They go 'above and beyond' your expectations. The lettings team are always at hand. Their response to queries is quick. Vesta Properties deliver results with prompt payments and immediate action to problems. Based in London, the only reason I continue to let in Coventry is because I trust Vesta. Vesta Properties are the best agents in Coventry.
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I have been a tenant of Vesta Properties for many years and I will never rent from any other letting agency again. I rented a property through Vesta then a couple of years later found another property with another agent, that was the biggest mistake I made asi only experienced poor service, I went back to Vesta and now I will not change from them.

The service Vesta provides throughout my tenancies is second to none, They are very professional and friendly in the service they provide, they are an efficient and a caring agent, any problems I have experienced with a property I have not had to wait to get it resolved, they have sorted it very quickly. I have always found them approachable with any type of issue I have raised.

I would recommend Vesta Properties to everyone.
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I rented a property in Coventry through vesta properties. I am very happy with the service I have received so far. I rented the property entirely by the estate agents recommendations without physically seeing it and it turned out to be exactly the sort of property I wanted.
Charlotte and Catherine at Vesta properties are very helpful and professional . I would highly recommend Vesta properties to anyone looking for a good estate agent in Coventry.
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2 properties let in two months- both within days of advertising. Thank you Charlotte and Catherine!

Friendly, fast and fantastic service!

Very pleased with the marketing - the photos were great.
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Vesta are the best property agent I have ever been with.
I have three properties, they always have the rent on time,
Keep the properties in good condition,and are very kind to
the tenants would highly recommend them.
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