Tenant Referencing

Once interested parties express the desire to rent a property they will complete application forms, pay-over our administration fee and be thoroughly vetted. We will require residential identification; carry out a credit assessment verifying the electoral role, search public records for any adverse information such as CCJ's, Bankruptcies, Voluntary Arrangements and verification of current and previous addresses.

We will also take-up a written Employer's reference or other satisfactory verification of financial means or income, a Bank status enquiry and a previous Landlord/Agent reference, if appropriate.

Should we receive applications from parties who we feel are good candidates but whose applications are a little weak (for example, a particularly young applicant) then we will advise you accordingly and, should you be agreeable, take a guarantor to the tenancy.

For applications received from parties on Housing Benefit, a clean credit history and residential identification will still be required and we will take a Suarantor to the tenancy, who must meet all of the above criteria.

For post-graduate students, we will require proof of financial means i.e. sponsorship. In all cases we will keep you fully informed and only proceed with your approval.