Our Let Only Service

With our let only service, we will actively advertise your property and arrange all viewings. We will accompany the tenants to the viewings unless we have been instructed by you that you would like to carry put the viewings yourself. Once suitable tenants have been found, they will be fully referenced before the tenancy is drawn up. Once the referencing has been done, we will draw up the tenancy and arrange for the tenants to come into our office and sign it. We can either sign on your behalf or if you would rather, you can come into the office and sign the agreement yourself. A full inventory of the property will be done prior to the tenants moving in and they will be given a copy of this to check, sign, date and return to us. All monies will be paid to us and we will then register the deposit and transfer the rent to you. The tenants will be given one set of keys for each tenant named on the agreement. Once this process is complete, the tenant will deal direct with you and make all future rent payment direct to you also. We will contact the council tax department and all utility providers to inform them of the new tenant's details and their tenancy start date.

When the tenants vacate the property, we will need to have your authorisation that the property has been left in good condition so that we can release the deposit. If there are any damages, cleaning etc. that need to be taken from the deposit, we ask that you send us photographic evidence of this and quotes for the works to be done so we can put the case forward to The DPS.

Our fee for this service is half of the first months' rent. We take this from the rent collected before we transfer the payment to you.

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