Our Fully Managed Service:

With our fully managed service, we will do exactly the same as the let only service. Once the tenants have moved into the property, we will carry out inspections every month and send you a report of the condition of the property. All rents will be collected by us and then transferred straight to you minus our commission and any maintenance monies that are to be paid out. If a maintenance issue arises at the property, the tenant will report directly to us. We will visit the property and take a look at what the problem is. If the problem is due to misuse by the tenant, we will arrange for one of our maintenance team to go out and fix it and the tenants will have to pay for the repair themselves. If the problem is down to wear and tear, we will contact you to let you know what the problem is and send one of the maintenance team round to do a quote. We will let you know the quote and wait for your go ahead to get the work done. If you have your own maintenance people that you want to use, we can liaise with the tenant and book an appointment for them to visit the property.

Any problems that may arise will be reported direct to us and we will contact you straight away. If the tenants do not pay their rent on time, we will notify you of this and chase the tenants to get the rent paid quickly.

If your property is a student property, the tenants will either have to have a guarantor that is a UK homeowner or pay rent in advance.

Any problems that you may have, you can contact us and we will help you in any way possible, we like to ensure that our landlords are kept up to date with what is going on with their property.

The fee for our fully managed service is 175.00 initial letting fee and 10% commission from each monthly rent. If you have more than one property being fully managed with us, we can drop the commission fee.